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    Peruvian Tack

    The Peruvian horse riding gear as well as the gear used by horsemen throughout the American continent, has its origin in the tack used in most of Europe during the fifteenth century.
    In Peru, horses were mainly used for transportation, therefore, the need was to essentially maintain the features of a comfortable and secure saddle, giving rise to what in Peru is called the Montura de Cajon or box saddle. The name is derived from the fact that the rider sits "boxed in" between the pommel and cantle.

    The Peruvian tack consists of the saddle, its accessories (cinch, stirrups, crupper and breeching), the wooden stirrups, the braided headgear and the San Pedrano Pellon.

    Peruvian Saddle

    The Peruvian saddle is a unique piece of art, concerning Peruvian Paso horses tradition and adapt to fits any horse's breed, with a custom made order.

    Side Saddle

    This is information about the traditional side saddle "amazona" used for years in Peru and in USA


    The headgear is called jato or terno in Peru and it consists of three pieces: the halter with its shank; the headstall and reins; and, the eye cover and strap.

    The Peruvian stirrup has also undergone some changes over time.The stirrups introduced by the conquistadors were of two types: the conventional triangular shape and the ones shaped in the form of slippers and made of iron or copper.

    One of the peculiarities of the Peruvian tack is the use of the breeching or harness called guarnición.
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